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Unlock the Power of Effortless CRM Migrations

Discover the advanced features that make MigrateMyCRM the preferred choice for smooth data transitions.

AI Automapping

AI-Powered Automapping

Our intelligent AI automaps both objects and fields, reducing the effort needed to set up your migration by accurately matching existing fields between source and target CRMs.

25+ connectors

25+ Connectors

Migrate data effortlessly with over twenty-five cloud-based connectors, as well as CSV and Excel files, ensuring broad compatibility with various CRM systems.

Free samples

Unlimited Free Samples

Customize your migration with advanced filtering options. Define criteria or logic for each object to include or exclude specific records, tailoring the migration to your exact needs.


Advanced Filtering

Customize your migration with advanced filtering options. Define criteria or logic for each object to include or exclude specific records, tailoring the migration to your exact needs.

Object mapping

Flexible Object Mapping

Choose how each object mapping is used—whether for migration, matching, or both. Prevent duplicates by using matching logic to identify potential duplicates based on criteria like company name or domain.

Field mapping

Field Mapping Control

Gain full control over field mappings. Edit, add, or remove automapped fields to ensure your data is transferred exactly how you want it.

Create object

Custom Object Creation

Create custom objects through our interface or map to existing custom objects within your CRMs, providing flexibility in handling unique data structures.

Field editing

Editable Mappings

Adjust our automappings as needed. If our default mappings don’t suit your needs, you can change, add, or remove mappings to fit your specific requirements.

Field utilization

Field Usage Insights

See field usage percentages to understand how many records contain values in specific fields. Make informed decisions about which fields to migrate based on their actual usage.


Picklist Mappings

Map dropdown fields between CRMs by viewing and matching picklist options. For supported CRMs, edit picklist options directly within our UI.

Add field

Field Creation

Create new fields in the target CRM directly from our UI, with bulk creation support for efficiently handling large numbers of custom fields.


User Mapping

Map internal users between source and target systems, and for supported CRMs, create user accounts directly in the target CRM.


Schema Refresh

Update your available fields for mapping by refreshing the schema information from your CRM, ensuring you always have the latest data structure.


Text to Picklist

Map unique values from text fields to drop-down options in the target CRM, treating text fields as if they were drop-down fields for precise data migration.


Layout Visibility Insights

For CRMs with layout options, see whether fields are visible or hidden on any layouts, helping you decide which fields to migrate based on their visibility and usage.

Field details

Detailed Field Information

View comprehensive details for each field, including friendly labels, internal names, field types, and whether they are custom or native, aiding in decision-making.

Version control

Version Control

Easily revert to previous versions of your mappings if changes don’t meet your expectations, ensuring you never lose valuable configuration work.

Notes and comments

Collaborative Notes

Leave notes within the mapping interface to coordinate with team members or remind yourself of important details, enhancing collaboration and project management.

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