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Success Story

Case Study: Garden Rep Group - Act! to Capsule CRM migration




Garden Rep Group LLC is an independent representative for six companies that do business with garden centers, hardware, and landscape supply. Located about 80 miles north of New York City, Garden Rep Group has been serving New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania for the last 20 years.

In search of a new CRM, James Curran, the president and owner, decided to migrate from Act! CRM to Capsule CRM. Capsule CRM recommended SyncMatters (formerly Trujay) to handle this complex migration.

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The Challenge

James had been using Act! CRM to conduct business and store all client data. Several issues were identified with Act! CRM:

  • Cost: The pricing of Act! CRM was difficult to budget, with a basic expense of $2,000 per year for two users and an additional one-time fee of $300 per user for software upgrades. Hosting was $1,000 per user, and James had to pay even for inactive users.
  • Features: Act! CRM had more features than James needed, making it an overcomplicated and expensive solution for his business.
  • Functionality: Act! CRM did not allow for separate records for Companies, using Contact records for both Companies and Contacts, which created organizational challenges.

Why SyncMatters Was Chosen


Capsule CRM recommended SyncMatters because of their ability to handle even the most complex data systems and project needs. SyncMatters is known for their technical savviness, superior expertise, and a consultative approach tailored to each client's unique environment.

Their ability to manage complex data migrations made them the ideal choice for Garden Rep Group.

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How SyncMatters Responded


SyncMatters approached the migration with a strategy to address the specific challenges faced by Garden Rep Group:

  • Data Organization: SyncMatters created separate Company records from Contacts and assigned both main and secondary Contacts to them. This preserved data integrity and ensured an organized structure in Capsule CRM.
  • Complex Data Handling: SyncMatters navigated the functionality differences between Act! CRM and Capsule CRM to maintain accurate and organized data.
  • Execution: The migration was executed successfully and on time, minimizing disruption to Garden Rep Group’s operations.


James Curran expressed high satisfaction with the results of the migration:

"I was very satisfied with the results. I think the favorite thing that I experienced was that 'almost' anything was possible as long as I was willing to pay for it. I got just what I wanted and nothing more. [SyncMatters] made the transition easy."

"I have to give [my account manager] very high marks. She gave me a feeling of comfort all the way through the process."

"[SyncMatters] has clearly come up with a good formula for making these difficult transitions easy on the client."
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The successful migration of Garden Rep Group's data from Act! CRM to Capsule CRM demonstrates SyncMatters' expertise in managing complex CRM migrations with precision and efficiency.

Their tailored approach ensured a smooth transition, preserving data integrity and organizational structure.

SyncMatters remains committed to delivering superior CRM solutions and supporting clients through every step of their data migration journey, making complex transitions easy and effective for businesses like Garden Rep Group.


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