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Success Story

Case Study: iFly - Salesforce to HubSpot migration




iFLY is an experiential entertainment company that created modern indoor skydiving, making the dream of flight a reality in a safe and reliable environment.

With 48 offices and sales teams around the globe, they needed a more engaging and visual CRM to keep their teams more active in the pipeline. They purchased 100 seats of HubSpot Sales Pro and required a precise and time-sensitive migration of their entire database from Salesforce.

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The Challenge

One of iFLY's main concerns with the data migration was the constant flow of data across many instances worldwide. They assumed the data transfer would be disruptive to their team's processes and potentially harm data integrity. Initially, iFLY thought migrating in phases would be best.

Why SyncMatters Was Chosen


SyncMatters was selected for their superior technical savviness and expertise in CRM data migration. Known for delivering quick and secure connections of marketing and sales automation systems, SyncMatters' consultative approach tailored to each client's unique environment made them the ideal choice for iFLY.

Additionally, their experience with middleware solutions and their migration platform MigrateMyCRM, offered a comprehensive solution for iFLY's needs.

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How SyncMatters Responded


SyncMatters recommended a calculated data transfer with the entire dataset first, followed by a delta migration (any new data entered during the migration process) to ensure all teams were utilizing HubSpot CRM effectively.

This strategy minimized disruption and maintained data integrity. The execution of data transfers and configuration was successful and on time.


"From the onset, Scot & Noah were easy to work with and were able to not only navigate some tight timelines but also execute on some large migrations (+900k tasks from SF to HubSpot). Their attention to detail and support through the migration was key & instrumental to a smooth transition for our company."

— Wes Morgan, Director of National Sales
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The successful migration of iFLY's data from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM highlights SyncMatters' expertise and ability to manage complex projects with precision and efficiency.

Their tailored approach and technical support ensured a smooth transition, allowing iFLY to continue growing and engaging their sales teams effectively.

SyncMatters remains committed to delivering superior CRM solutions and supporting clients through every step of their data migration journey.

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