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Success Story

Case Study: The Lewer Agency - HubSpot to Salesforce migration

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The Lewer Agency is an insurance and financial consulting firm based in Overland Park, Kansas. With a legacy spanning three generations, the agency was ready to upgrade from using Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot to a single, more robust CRM solution: Salesforce.

This case study details their migration journey with SyncMatters (formerly Trujay).

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The Challenge

The Lewer Agency faced significant issues with their existing CRM setup:

  • Customization and Process Issues: Their data was disorganized, lacking the necessary customization and formal processes required for efficient CRM use.
  • Technical Limitations: Despite the Director of IT’s expertise, the limitations of HubSpot APIs hindered a seamless transition to Salesforce.
  • Functionality Differences: SyncMatters had to navigate the differences between HubSpot and Salesforce, such as the requirement for relations to parent records in Salesforce and the need to split HubSpot 'companies' and 'deals' into multiple record types.

The Solution


SyncMatters tackled the migration with a tailored approach:

  • Data Organization: SyncMatters addressed the disorganized data by enabling validation and deduplication rules, followed by a re-importation of data to ensure accuracy and organization.
  • Complex Data Handling: They split HubSpot 'companies' and 'deals' objects into three different record types to match Salesforce’s structure.
  • Custom Solutions: The team parsed deals from HubSpot's user interface for custom matching, enabling accurate migration despite HubSpot’s API limitations.
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How SyncMatters Responded


SyncMatters provided immense value through their meticulous and customized approach:

  • Efficiency and Communication: The team maintained clear communication, ensuring the client was informed and comfortable throughout the process. The account manager's patience and ability to accommodate last-minute changes were crucial to the project’s success.
  • Technical Expertise: SyncMatters' deep understanding of both HubSpot and Salesforce allowed them to overcome significant technical challenges, ensuring data integrity and accurate migration.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Despite the complexities, the migration was completed within the original scope and budget, providing The Lewer Agency with a seamless transition without incurring additional costs.



James Paul, the Director of IT at The Lewer Agency, was impressed with the results:

"I’m very satisfied with how the data was migrated. Details like emails, tasks, meetings, etc., came across as promised."

"Our account manager showed great patience and efficiency, accommodating last-minute changes and ensuring a smooth process."

"The initial call settled my concerns about the migration, and the project was conducted within the agreed-upon scope and budget."

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The Lewer Agency's migration from HubSpot to Salesforce showcases SyncMatters' ability to handle complex CRM migrations with precision and efficiency.

Their customized approach ensured a smooth transition, preserving data integrity and organizational structure.

SyncMatters continues to provide exceptional CRM solutions, making even the most challenging transitions seamless for their clients.

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